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Week 9, Tuesday August 3

Week #9 Full Shares

Cherry Tomatoes- Best eaten fresh!

Sweet Peppers (larger)

Jalapeno Peppers (Small Green peppers, VERY HOT)

Celery (enjoy fresh or freeze for soups and stews)

Onions OR Scallions

Beef Tomatoes OR Plum Tomatoes

Week #9 Small Shares

Cherry Tomatoes- Best Eaten Fresh

Beef Tomatoes OR Plum Tomatoes

Onions OR Scallions

Optional Shares


Mushroom:-Shiitake Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

Fruit Shares: Grown by Klein Kill Orchard

1 basket Peaches & 1 basket Nectarines (if they are hard let them sit out on the counter a bit and they will ripen quick

Dear CSA Members,

This week is Festa Week! Cilantro, Tomatillos, Tomatoes, HOT Peppers Onions! YUM! There are so many dishes you can create with this share. Try 40 Mexican recipes for your weekend Fiesta!OR the farm favoriteClassic Pico de GalloFind more recipes below!

This week is a coffee & dry bean share delivery for the month of August. If you ordered these optional shares please do not forget to pick them up with your CSA box.

Enjoy the harvest! Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Please, note with all this rain some vegetables will not hold as long as they normally would. So please use them up. You will want to use up the cucumbers first. You can also see my freezing and preserving tips at the bottom of this email.

We are planning to have our annual Fall Farm Festival! Saturday, September 4th. 11:30 am - 3:00 pm 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds NY 12451

It is a great day to come to the farm and see how your vegetables are grown, meet your farmers, walk the fields and enjoy a hayride. We have the grill hot and will have pulled pork, vegetarian chili as well as grilled Sweet Corn. We will also provide fresh fruit, water, and hot coffee. In the past, we had big pot luck but we will not be offering this due to covid, we feel it's best for everyone to please bring their own sides if you would like to go with the BBQ offerings. (just for your family) Also, please bring your table settings (plate, forks, napkins) We will have our pick your own flower patch available that day. Bring a pair of scissors and enjoy the bounty of the flower garden. We will follow the most current CDC guidelines the day of the event.

Storing Tips & Notes:

  • Hot & Sweet Peppers- in your produce drawer.

  • Tomatoes- Store in the produce drawer, OR on your counter but not for too long as they will not last that long due to this rainy summer.

  • Green Beans- In a bag and stored in the refrigerator, produce drawer.

  • Onions- Store in the produce drawer.

  • Celery- wrapped and stored in the produce drawer.

  • Cilantro- in a jar of water and placed in the refrigerator


Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers you can freeze (no blanching required) Just wash chop, and freeze.

Green Beans- Can be canned or frozen. You can blanch and freeze or just wash chop and freeze.

Celery- you can freeze. Wash, chop, and freeze for soups and stews during the winter months. Things To Remember:

  • Marketplace Ordering Deadlines- 12 pm every Friday.


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