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Tuesday September 19, Week 16

Week #16 Full Shares

Winter Squash


Edamame Beans




Mixed Sweet Peppers

Serrano Peppers (HOT)

Sage OR Thyme



String Beans



Sweet Peppers

Optional Shares:

Mushroom: 1 bag- Shiitake Mushrooms Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

Bread: 1 loaf- Arborio Made by See & Be Bakery

Fruit: Grown by Klein Kill Fruit Farm

6- Honey Crisp Apples

10- Fuji Apples

Dear CSA Member, Cool nights and cool mornings have begun... before you know it the trees will be changing. It's a nice feeling to have the cooler weather. We are just about done with the heat for the year. Here on the farm we are just picking up the pieces of summer and moving on to the fall. We have the last of all the plants planted in the fields for the season. It's a great feeling to say goodbye to the greenhouse for the season. Edamame Beans this week! Click HERE for information on how to cook and eat! You will have another round of cabbage coming this week. One of our favorite ways to enjoy cabbage in the fall is chopped up fine and sprinkled over a fresh homemade soup. It's delicious to have a nice fresh crunch with a warm cooked soup. You will also be getting kale this week! Another favorite recipe is the maple candied walnut, with roasted beet kale salad. If you are not a kale lover please try this salad and I am sure you will change your mind. Kale Salad Recipe We hope you enjoy the harvest! Candice for everyone at the farm

Need a recipe idea? Go to-


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