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Tuesday July 2, Week 4

Full Share:

Summer Squash

Cucumbers (colors range from Green to white)

Sugar Snap Peas

Greek Oak Lettuce

Red Leaf Lettuce


Green Cabbage

Red Scallions

Ice Berg Lettuce

Small Share:

Summer Squash

Cucumbers (colors range from Green to white)

Green Oak Lettuce

Green Cabbage

Red Scallions

Mushroom Share:


Bread Share:


Coffee & Dry Bean Shares:

July's delivery coming this week

Fruit Share:

Begins in July.  Week #5

he heat has finally broken and we were able to get a a few rain shows.  That made the fields really happy! Here on the farm we are still continuing to plant lots of crops for the fall, in between harvesting & cleaning up the fields from spring crops.  Its a content turn over right until November.  The lettuce will be winding down so enjoy your salads while they last.  Most lettuce will not grow in the heat of the summer but they will make a return come fall.You will see some new items coming in your share this week.  One of them being green cabbage.  It is so tender and delicious.  You can cook it or enjoy a summer coleslaw.  Remember we have wonderful vinegars on our marketplace that are great to use to make a Coleslaw.  I use the balsamic for coleslaw and cucumber salad.  Its just delicious!  You will also be getting some summer squash (colors and sizes vary from green, yellow, yellow striped, yellow patty pan). They are all delicious.  And, cucumbers are coming.  We grow a few different varieties so we like to make sure each site will get at least one type thought the season.  This week the cucumbers might be the green slicers, or the white silver slicer.  I've included some reminders below about the fruit share and the marketplace. If you have any questions, please let me know. Enjoy the harvest & have a happy fourth of July!Candice

Fruit Share Ordering Reminder:Ordering closed on June 26th. 

Fruit shares start week #5

Marketplace Order Reminder:Just a reminder that the online marketplace ordering deadline is every Friday at 12pm.  Once the 12pm deadline passes our ordering system will shift that order to the following week.

Coffee & Dry Bean shares are coming this week for the month of July. If you have these shares dont forget to pick them up .  Thank you!

Get some great recipes to go with whats in your box!


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