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Our 2022 season runs for 24 weeks, with weekly Tuesday deliveries starting early June through mid November.

Full Vegetable Share 22 weeks, Small Vegetable Share 22 weeks (Small Share Limited Quantity Available),  Fruit Share 20 weeks, Mushroom Share 22 weeks, Coffee Share 6 deliveries totaling 12 pounds.

Curious about how much produce is included in a weekly vegetable share?  See this page on the Stoneledge Farm website. 

We sell shares at Standard, Sponsor, and Discount levels. Our 2022 prices are as follows:

Standard Vegetable Share- $595
Sponsor Vegetable Share-  $695

Small Vegetable Share      $450
Discount Vegetable Share- $495

Members must provide proof of combined family income of $30,000 or less to qualify for a discount share. Email us at if you qualify.

An administrative fee of $10 will be added to ll shares.


All members must fulfill the two 2-hour work shifts requirement. You can find out more on our work shift page.

Not sure you can eat all this food? We can help connect you with a share partner, so you will either pick up a half share every week or a full share every other week (it’s up to share partners to decide which way to split it up). Email us at if you are looking for a share partner.

Stoneledge Farm also offers optional fruit and coffee shares for members who purchase a vegetable share.

fruit share costs $270 for 20 weekly distributions.

coffee share costs $132 for 6 monthly distributions of 2 pound each. Members can choose organically grown and locally roasted Honduran or Guatemalan coffee, whole bean or ground.

We are also offering a mushroom share option for members, which costs $150.

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