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Week 8, Tuesday July 26

Week #8 Full Share

Click the vegetable name below for recipes.

Sweet Bell Peppers Cherry Tomatoes Slicing Tomatoes Purple Basil (Can be used the same as green basil) Swiss Chard White Onions Beets Tomatillos

Week # Small Share

Cherry Tomatoes Slicing Tomatoes Purple Basil Swiss Chard White Onions

Mushroom Share:


Grown by Bulich Mushroom Co.

How to Dry Mushrooms? Click Here

How to Freeze Mushrooms? Click Here

Fruit Share:

1 basket: Sugar Plums

Grown by Fix Bro. Fruit Farm

1 bag: Yellow Peaches

Grown by Klien Kill Orchard

**Peaches will be in blue Ikea bags. Please return the bags next week or take the peaches out and leave the bag at the site to be returned to the farm. Thank you.***

Storing Tips:

  • SwissChard- Wrap in a damp paper or cloth towel or bag and store in the refrigerator.

  • Basil- in a jar of water on the counter.

  • Beets- store in the refrigerator (if greens are on them then wrap greens in a damp cloth)

  • Peppers- in the crisper drawer.

  • Tomatoes- Out on counter.

  • Tomatillos- store in the refrigerator.

Things To Remember:

  • Marketplace Ordering Deadlines> 12 pm every Friday.

Member Account

Dear CSA Member, What a Hot weekend ahead! At least we were able to get some rain this past week to keep the veggies happy. New stuff in your boxes this week. The tomatoes are really starting to produce and the peppers, are right behind them. This week in your shares will be purple basil, tomatoes, swiss chard, onions, and more. This basil can be used just as you would the green basil. You have lots of options this week on what to cook with your box. Here on the farm the seeding and planting have certainly slowed down but, the weeding and harvesting pick up. We still have a few more fall plantings to do but in between that we are working hard to keep the garden weeded and harvested. It is a busy time of year on the farm. Enjoy this week's harvest. Sincerely, Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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