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Week 13, Tuesday August 31

Week #13 Full Shares


Cherry Tomatoes

Red Russian Kale

Bell Peppers

Long Specialty Peppers

Green Beans



Jalapeño Peppers (VERY HOT)

Week #13 Small Shares


Red Russian Kale

Bell Peppers

Long Specialty Peppers

Green Beans

Jalapeño Peppers (VERY HOT)

Optional Shares

Mushroom:-Crimini Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

1 bag- Italian Prune Plums & Zestar Apples Grown by Fix Brother & Klein Kill Orchards

It is really important to bring the blue bag back each week to swap it out, or use your own bag. We are having a very hard time finding packing supplies due to many shortages.

September’s Coffee & Dry Bean Share Delivery is coming this week

Enjoy the harvest!

Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farms

Don't forget! The farm visit is THIS weekend! See more information below!

Mark Your Calendars!

Annual Fall Farm Festival!

Saturday, September 4th.

11:30 am - 3:00 pm

145 Garcia Lane, Leeds NY 12451

It is a great day to come to the farm and see how your vegetables are grown, meet your farmers, walk the fields and enjoy a hayride. We have the grill hot and will have pulled pork, vegetarian chili as well as grilled Sweet Corn. We will also provide fresh fruit, water, and hot coffee.

In the past, we had big pot luck but we will not be offering this due to covid, we feel it's best for everyone to please bring their own sides if you would like to go with the BBQ offerings. (just for your family) Also, please bring your table settings (plate, forks, napkins)

We will have our pick your own flower patch available that day. Bring a pair of scissors and enjoy the bounty of the flower garden.

We will follow the most current CDC guidelines the day of the event.

Dear CSA Members,

Lots of important information in this email. Please read.

We made it through the storm. ALOT of rain fell and we continue on a challenging year but, we will not give up! Some of our surrounding farmers we not as lucky and our hearts really go out to them. Thank you for supporting your local farmers! It's not easy but with your support, we can continue full steam ahead!

In your boxes this week will be some more tomatoes and peppers. You will want to use up your tomatoes, peppers, and green beans first out of your box this week. They will just not hold as long due to the rain we had. They are still beautiful, delicious, and producing for us. Also, new in your share this week is the Red Russian Kale. This is a large green leaf with deep purple coloring. This is a very tender kale. You can find recipes below.

September's Coffee & Dry Bean Shares are coming this week if you ordered them.

Please do not forget to pick them up.

There is maybe one more week of peppers. You can freeze them very easily if they are too much for you. Click here to learn how.

Storing Tips & Notes:

  • Peppers- in your produce drawer.

  • Tomatoes- Store in the produce drawer or use up room temperature.

  • Greens- Wrapped in bag or towel and stored in the refrigerator, produce drawer.

  • Jalapeno- in your produce drawer, or string them and hang to dry and use as crushed red pepper flakes.

  • Onions- in your produce drawer.


How to Blanch for freezing?

How to Can?

Peppers you can freeze (no blanching required) Just wash chop, and freeze.

Greens- Can be canned or frozen. You can blanch and freeze or just wash chop and freeze.

Tomatoes- Can sauce or freeze the sauce.Things To Remember:

  • Marketplace Ordering Deadlines- 12 pm every Friday.

  • Coffee & Dry Bean Share Delivery Dates-

  • 2021 Deliveries: (Depending on your CSA delivery day) June Delivery: 7,8,9 July Delivery: June 28, 29, 30 August Delivery: 2,3,4 September Delivery: Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1 October Delivery: 4,5,6 November Delivery: 1,2,3

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