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Tuesday November 16, week 24

Dear CSA Members,

This is the last delivery for this CSA season. As, this season comes to a close the cycle of planning, planting, tending, harvest continues. As we finish the harvest, next seasons’ seed catalogs are arriving and our thoughts are moving toward planning for 2022. Peter has been very busy seeding the fields with cover crops to protect the soil over the winter and add nutrients and organic matter next spring when they are plowed. The life of the farm changes as the seasons change.

Tonight is our annual farm crew Thanksgiving and we are reminded of our many blessings and give thanks as we look back at the bountiful harvest and the shapes, sizes, colors, flavors of the last season. Thank you for being part of the CSA during the last year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Week #24 Full Shares



Onions OR Shallots


Week #23 Small Shares




Optional Shares

Mushroom: White Button Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

1 Bag- Bosc Pears & Evercrisp Apples

The 2022 Registration is now Open As a special Thank You, Please Enjoy $15 off a Full Veggie Share using code FARM At Checkout. & $10 off a Small Veggie Share using code SMALL At Checkout. This offer will end on January 1st, 2022

Storing Tips & Notes:

  • Kale- wrapped in a damp cloth in your refrigerator.

  • Potatoes/Onion/Kohlrabi/Celeriac- in your produce drawer.

  • Popcorn/Garlic- in a warm dry place.


Greens- Freeze well, just blanch and freeze.

Carrots- Freeze well, just blanch and freeze.

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