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Last delivery of 2022, Tuesday November 1

Click the vegetable name below for recipes.

Week #22 Full Share (Final Delivery)

Mushroom Share:

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Grown by Bulich Mushroom Co.

How to Dry Mushrooms? Click Here

How to Freeze Mushrooms? Click Here

Fruit Share:

1 bag- Evercrisp Apples & Bosc Pears

Grown by Fix Brother Fruit Farm

We will be sending in paper bags this week. Please be careful when picking up and if you could bring an alternate bag to put your fruit in that would be great.

**Please return all your IKEA bags Thank you!!!***

Dear CSA Members, This is the last delivery for the 2022 CSA season. As the season comes to a close we reflect on our past season. We are so thankful for our amazing farm crew staff. Everyone worked so hard to grow such beautiful organic vegetables considering the drought we dealt with this season and the influx of potato beetles. But, working together we were able to produce a beautiful bounty. Everyone here at the farm has their own specific strength they contribute to the farm making each employee a key piece to the puzzle. Tonight we celebrate a great season with (what Gracie calls) a "farmers-only dinner". We have our staff Thanksgiving dinner. We are reminded of our many blessings and give thanks as we look back at the bountiful harvest and the shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors of the last season.We would like to send an extra special Thank you to our amazing core group volunteers for another seamless delivery season. We appreciate you so much and distribution would not happen without the dedicated support of our volunteer core group members. We would also like to thank the dedicated support of all our CSA members. The support of the CSA members keeps the farm going. Thank you for being part of the CSA. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday Season.

Enjoy the Harvest! Candice for everyone at the farm Our 2023 Harvest Season Registration will open on November 1st. We are offering 2 discounts ending Dec. 1, 2022. $15 off a Full Vegetable Share (use code FULL2023) $7 off a smaller-sized share (use code SMALL2023) Thanks Again!

Storing Tips:

  • Winter Squash- in a cool dry place.

  • Sweet Potatoes- store unwashed in your crisper drawer.

  • Turnips- if greens then wrap the greens in a towel, and store them in the crisper drawer with turnips.

  • Garlic- in a cool dry place.

  • Onions- in the crisper drawer.

  • Parsley- in a glass jar of water and use as needed.

  • Radishes, Kohlrabi, Carrots, Beets- in the refrigerator or in a crisper drawer.

  • Kale- Wrapped in a damp cloth and placed in the refrigerator.

Things To Remember:

  • Marketplace Ordering Deadlines> 12 pm every Friday.


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