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Week 11, Tuesday August 18

Tomatoes (slicing and plum)


Serrano- Hot Peppers (small and green-red)

Sweet Peppers (colors range from green, orange, red, purple)


Cherry Tomatoes

Fennel (Use the Fronds!)

Red Onions

Optional Shares

Mushroom: White Button Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

Fruit Shares: Grown by Klein Kill Farm1 bag- White Donut Peaches, Yellow Nectarines

Please return the fruit bags each week.

Dear CSA Member, Many dishes can be prepared this week, from spicy Mexican to saucy Italian cuisine. Whichever you prefer I bet it will be delicious! Our favorite side dish (or snack) to enjoy this time of year is Pico de Gallo! It calls for a whole lot of chopping! But, it is worth the chopping! On the Farm.... August is always the busiest time here. The tomatoes and peppers are producing at full capacity, all the onions and garlic need to be harvested, and allowed to cure. Along, with the daily task of weeding, and more planting of transplants to the fields for fall. We are keeping busy for sure! Check out the marketplace for newly added items along with bulk tomatoes and bulk fruit. A good time of year to can and preserve for the months ahead. Use the produce ID below for help identifying the HOT peppers this week. Enjoy the harvest! Sincerely, Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Let's Get Cookin! Tomatoes: Tomato Recipes Sweet Peppers: eat raw, or stuff and cook! Stuffed Peppers Cilantro: Pico de Gallo Hot Peppers: Use as needed in desired dish. Use with CAUTION! Very HOT! Tomatillos: Tomatillo Recipes Fennel: Pairs great with tomatoes! Roasted Fennel With Tomatoes

Storing Tips:

  • Tomatoes- On the counter. (can be stored in the refrigerator if you prefer due to the humid weather)

  • Peppers/Tomatillos- In the refrigerator.

  • Cilantro- In a jar of water on the counter.

What Can I Preserve? Sweet Peppers- chop, and freeze in a freezer bag or container. Tomatoes- chop, and freeze in a freezer bag or container OR make sauce OR can in a glass preserving jar. HOT Peppers- chop, and freeze in a freezer bag or container OR string and hang to dry.

Things To Remember:

  • Bulk Mushrooms- 12 pm the FRIDAY before your delivery.

  • All other Marketplace Items- 1 pm the day before your delivery.

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