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Week 10, Tuesday August 6

1 bunch- Fresh Sweet White Onions

1 bunch- Celery (So Flavorful!)

3 heads- Broccoli

1 bunch- Thyme


1 bunch- Lacinato Kale


1 basket- Cherry Tomatoes


Optional Shares

Mushroom: Crimini- Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

Fruit Share:

Yellow Peaches- Grown by Klein’s Kill Fruit Farm

Coffee & Dry Bean Share This Week!

Everything here on the farm has been looking just beautiful, to read the farm news, click here!

Let's Get Cookin! Onions: Onion Tarts with Mixed Greens OR French Onion Soup Celery: This celery has the best flavor. Eat raw or add to soup, stew or even wash and freeze for a later date. Use the leaves as well. The leaves are very comparable to parsley. Broccoli: Broccoli Salad Eggplant: Crunchy Broiled Eggplant OR Eggplant Jumbot Peppers: Gret for stuffing! Crock-Pot Stuffed Peppers Tomatoes: Bruschetta OR Simple Sauce

Check Out Stoneledge Farm's Online Marketplace!

Offering a wide variety of items as well as fruit and vegetables in bulk.

Bulk Fruit and Vegetables Currently available:

-Broccoli (great to freeze for winter) -Basil (great for making pesto) Limited Availablity! If interested order soon.

To Order > Login to your Member Account > Click 2019 Marketplace

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