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First Delivery of the season: Tuesday, June 4th, 2019!

Please read this message carefully as it describes the procedures for picking up your weekly shares. At the bottom of the message, you'll find information from the farmer including the contents of our first delivery.

Please note that the optional fruit share does not begin until the 5th week of deliveries. Optional mushroom shares are weekly. Optional coffee shares will be delivered once per month.

How do I pick up my share(s)?

CSA deliveries will happen every Tuesday starting June 4th. You can pick up your share between 4pm and 7pm sharp on those dates. Unfortunately we cannot arrange for you to pick up your shares at another time. At 7pm sharp, any shares that have not been picked up will be packaged and donated to the Xavier Mission's food pantry.

When you come to pick up your shares, you will enter Hurtado Hall, which is in the basement of St. Xavier Church (16th Street between 5-6th Aves) by accessing the down staircase to the LEFT of the church steps. If you have signed up for a 5:30-7:30 workshift, this is also how you will enter Hurtado Hall. Please note that if you have signed up for a 3:30-5:30 workshift, you will have to enter through the church office at 55 West 15th Street, as the stairs to Hurtado Hall will not be open until 4pm.

The farm will be sending reusable bags the first week - please bring use this one of your own bags for picking up your produce- we do not supply bags.

You will need to sign in for each share (vegetable / fruit / mushroom / coffee) separately. This helps us keep track of pickups and also make sure that people don’t mistakenly take produce that they have not paid for.

On any given week, you may order additional items from the Stoneledge Farm Marketplace on, and these items will be delivered with the shares. Please keep track of weeks that you have ordered additional items so you remember to pick them up. These items will be labeled with your name.

Have you signed up for your required work shift?

All CSA members are required to work ONE two-hour shift per vegetable share per season. These shifts run either from 3:30-5:30 or 5:30-7:30 on Tuesdays throughout the season.

Because we are an all-volunteer operation, it is imperative that you sign-up and show-up for your shifts! It’s your responsibility to make sure that if you cannot be there for the shift you’ve chosen, you either send someone in your place or arrange a shift swap with another member. Members who do not fulfill their work shift requirement are not invited back for the following season.

We use VolunteerSpot (an online sign up and reminder tool) to schedule our member work shifts. You should have received an email from with a link to sign up on VolunteerSpot. If you did not, please email the address and ask for a new link to be sent to you.

Send us a message at if you have any questions.

Weekly Distribution Message from Stoneledge Farm

Week #1 (Odd Pickup Week) Dear CSA Member, Beautiful sunny weather has ushered in this first week of picking and delivery for CSA shares. The first week is always full of activity. Picking, packing, counting and re-counting to make sure all of the shares are delivered correctly. Greens are plentiful and stir fry and salad are a perfect fit for this weeks share. After the long winter months, it is great to enjoy a freshly harvested salad. Enjoy the Harvest!

2 heads- Tropicana Lettuce

2 heads- Red Tide Lettuce

2 heads- Boc Choi (Great for Stir Fry)

1 bunch- Oregano (The first harvest of oregano is Always the most flavorful! Hang to dry and use all season long.)

1 bunch- French Breakfast Radishes (Use the Greens!)

1 head- Chinese Cabbage (Great for Stir Fry, Stuffed Cabbage, Cole Slaw)

1 bunch- Rhubarb (a perfect bunch for Rhubarb cake. Recipe at the bottom of the email.)

1- Greek Basil Transplant (Plant the pot and plant in the ground or a container)

1- Stoneledge Farm Tote Bag

Optional Shares

Mushroom: White Button Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

Coffee & Dry Bean Share Week (Don't forget your optional shares if you ordered them!)

To Freeze: Boc Choi is freezable. Frozen Boc Choi is great in a winter stew.

How to blanch produce to freeze for a later date.

Not to Freeze, and Use Up: Lettuces, Radishes, Chinese Cabbage, Rhubarb. Storing Tips:

  • Lettuces- Rinsed in a well-drained salad spinner in the refrigerator.

  • Boc Choi- Rinsed in a well-drained salad spinner, or wrapped in a damp cloth in the refrigerator.

  • Oregano- Hang to dry and use as needed.

  • Rhubarb- In a damp cloth in the refrigerator.

  • Chinese Cabbage- Rinsed and stored in the refrigerator.

  • Radishes- Rinsed and stored in the refrigerator.

Don't Forget!

  • Bring your Stoneledge Farm reusable tote bag each week to pick up.

  • Fruit Shares start July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

  • 5% off your first marketplace order using coupon code MFIVE at checkout. (offer ends June 30th)

Order Deadlines:

  • Fruit Shares- Friday, June 14th

  • Marketplace Mushrooms- 12 pm the Friday before your CSA delivery.

  • All other Marketplace Items- 1 pm the day before your CSA delivery.

Available on the Marketplace is Organic Eco Produce Bags, Honey, Maple Syrup, Coffee, Dry Beans, Stoneledge Wool Products, Chocolate, Vinegar, Seed Oil, Cook Books and More!

Click here to learn more.

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