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Week 21, Tuesday October 23

1- Acorn Winter Squash

2lbs. Red Potatoes

3- Shallots

1- bunch Green Curly Kale

1 head- Red Oak Lettuce

1 bunch- Arugula

1lb. - Red Ace Beets

1- bunch Specialty Radishes


1- bunch Sage

1- head Frisee Endive

Mushroom & Fruit Shares

Mushroom: Portobello

Grown by Bulich Mushroom Farm

9- Golden Delicious Apples

Grown by Fix Brothers Orchard

7- Bosc Pears

Grown by Fix Brothers Orchard

Enjoy the Harvest,

Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Dear CSA Member,

We have had our first frost this week. (See our Instagram or Facebook for photos) It makes for a bone-chilling morning but a beautiful morning as well. We will be planting garlic for the 2019 season today. Garlic gets planted late fall by hand directly in the fields. Come summer the garlic will be ready to be harvested. For a successful garlic harvest, it requires the perfect winter weather conditions. Cold days with a nice insulating layer of snow. This week's share is a true fall bonty. You will be getting, beets, celeriac, potatoes, winter squash, kale and more. We always love this time of year! There are so many great warm fall dishes to make with this harvest. Or, meet in the middle and make this Fall Harvest Salad. Not a hot meal but not a cold one either! We hope you enjoy this weeks harvest! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest update from the farm.

There are great items available on the marketplace. Stock up on these items for the winter months, or order for gifts. We have local honey, local maple syrup, organic coffee, organic dry beans, organic sriracha sauce, and much more! New to the marketplace is Stoneledge Farm wool. We have blankets, rugs, mittens, scarfs, and yarns. With this chilly weather ahead these items will be sure to keep you warm! Alternatively, order these items for a loved one. They make a great gift.

Our marketplace items sell out quickly this time of year. Please order soon if you are interested.

Login to your member account to place your order.

Marketplace Special-

SPOOKY Ghost Pepper Sriracha Sauce Special.

Purchase ANY Sriracha Sauce on the marketplace and receive 10% off. Use code SPOOKY

The sriracha sauce is organic, locally grown, and produced by Kitchen Garden farm in MA.

Login to your member account to place your order.

Order before 1pm the day before your delivery to receive your order this coming week. Mushroom marketplace orders need to be placed the Friday before your delivery by 12pm.

Stoneledge Farm LLC LIKE us at

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