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Week 8, Tuesday July 25

2- Summer Squash

1- White Clara Eggplant

1 basket- Cherry Tomatoes

1 bunch-Basil

1 bunch- Spinach

1 head- Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

1 bunch- Beets

1 bunch- Scallions

2- Green Slicing Cucumbers

1- Bunch of Dill

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share: Grown by Bulich Mushroom

Farm Fruit Share: Grown by Klein’s Kill Fruit Farm 1 basket -Yellow Shiro Plums 1 bag- White Nectarines 1 bag- Yellow Peaches

We finally got a break from the rainy weather and the summer plants are loving it such as the tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes will begin this week! The squash harvest wasn't as abundant in comparison to last season due to the rainy wet summer we have been having. But we are very pleased with the harvests that we have been getting!

This week we will be sending beets! The beet greens are absolutely beautiful and delicious! Don’t toss them away. You can cook the greens the same way you would cook Swiss Chard or Spinach. You will also be getting the first harvest of Basil. Please, use the basil up as soon as possible. It will be picked fresh the day before your delivery but due to the rainy summer, the leaves turn black quickly.

Check out our Garlic Harvest on Facebook! The garlic is the best garlic harvest we have had in 8 years! It is beautiful! The past winter and prime soil conditions, really helped the garlic to thrive. The cold and the blanketing snow was key! The garlic will hang to cure in the barn for 3 months. We are very excited to hand it out!

**Mark your Calendars! Saturday, September 2nd is the Stoneledge Farm Annual Farm Visit! 11:30AM-3PM ***

Enjoy the Harvest,

Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Bulk Items Available this week: Stoneledge Farm Certified Organic Currants & Pickling Cucumbers. Grams Sweet Bread and Butter Pickling Recipe:

Quantities are Limited. Please order right away if you are interested.

Bulk Items are added when they become available. Check the website Marketplace for any new added Bulk Items Daily.

Additional Marketplace Items: Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Flax Seed Oil, Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, Butternut Squash Seed Oil, Organic Coffee, Organic Chocolate, Organic Dry Beans, Maple Syrup and Honey

To order Login Follow the steps.

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