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Week 5, THURSDAY July 6

-1 Bunch- Red Ace Beets

Purple Top White Globe Turnips

-1 Head- Red Butter Head Lettuce

-1 Head- Red Oak Lettuce

-7- Garlic Scapes

-1 Bunch- White Scallions

-1 Head- Frissee

-1 Head- Napa Cabbage

-1 Bunch- Summer Savory (herb)

-Mixed Summer Squash

Will Send Update

-1 Basket- White Sweet Cherries

-1 Basket- Red Sweet Cherries

-1 Basket- Strawberries

Coffee Share Delivery

Dry Bean Share Delivery

Note: *The “White” Cherries are not white. They are a very light red color and the red cherries are a very dark red color*

What’s in the Bag - Week #5

Dear CSA Member,

Your CSA delivery will take place this coming Thursday, July, 6th. This week the Fruit Share begins and also Dry Bean and Coffee shares will be coming as well. It is important that you pick up your share this week. If you aren't able to pickup your optional shares please contact the farm right away.

The fields are slowly changing. Everything was once green is now filling with bright summer colors. A new set of photos of the potato fields in bloom has been posted on the Farms Facebook and Instagram page. Potatoes are beautiful when in bloom. Take a look.

You will have another interesting week this week. New in your share is Summer Squash, Scallions and Summer Savory. We have been very lucky with the corporation of the weather. We have had just the right amount of rain each week and the produce is looking beautiful and growing happily! Everything is looking great out in the field!

The Marketplace is open with Bulk Garlic Scapes and Bulk Fruit. If you are interested please log into your account and click 2017 Marketplace. Orders must be received before 1pm the day before your CSA delivery.

Happy Fourth, of July!

Enjoy the Harvest,

Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Stoneledge Farm LLC

Mailing Address Only:

359 Ross Ruland Road

South Cairo, NY 12482

LIKE us at

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