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Week 2, Tuesday June 13

1 Head- Romaine Lettuce

1 Head- Green Butter Crunch Lettuce

1 Bunch- Arugula

1 Bunch- Mizuna

1 Head- Red Butter Crunch Lettuce

1 Head- Tropicana Lettuce

1 Head- Boy Choi

1 Head- Chinese Cabbage

1 Rosemany Transplant

Optional Shares:

Mushrooms- Oyster

Dear CSA Member,

We are finally getting a break from the cloudy and wet weather. The soil is nice and moist. It will do great with these 80-90 degree days we have ahead of us. The plants will be growing quickly once the warm sun is fully out. We have been working hard in the tomato patch this week. The first step was to stake the tomato plants and the second step was to tie them up with twine. This allows air to flow through the plants and, for the plants to grow strong and tall to hold the future tomatoes.

We also have been working diligently to keep the weeds down in the field. Even though there hasn't been much sun the weeds do grow quickly in the damp weather. We use various different cultivators and what weeds we cannot get with the tractor we have to go through and get by hand.

The Marketplace is open for the season. There are a couple of new products being offered this season. We have local and certified organic dry beans. (Pinto, Red Kidney and Black Turtle Beans) Also, new on the marketplace are local seed oils. (Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Flax Seed Oil, Butternut Squash Seed Oil and Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil) For more information on the dry beans and oils, you can go to the farm website and click the CSA program drop down tab and find the information on these items. To order log into your account, click Marketplace, and follow the steps. Your marketplace order will be delivered with your next CSA delivery.

This week is the last week for transplants. This plant should be planted right away in a pot or directly outside in your garden. The pot we are sending is a decomposable pot and can be planted directly into the ground or larger pot. The plant should have a good amount of sunlight daily and should be checked to see if the soil is dry and needs to be watered.

For produce recipes, you can go to our Recipe and Produce ID section on the website. If you have any delicious recipes you would like to share please send them to and I will add them to the recipe page.

Cooking Tips-

Boc Choi: Boc Choi makes a great Stir-Fry. It can be added in dumplings, soups or even salads. Boc Choi has a slightly bitter flavor.

Arugula: Arugula is more of a spicy green. It’s a great addition to a salad but, you can also add it to a pizza, wilt in a pot of pasta, make pesto, add to a sandwich instead of lettuce for a little more flavor or add to your favorite soup recipe.

Mizuna: Mizuna is another great salad addition. You can add Mizuna to your Risotto, Stir-Fry, Soups or a Grain Salad. It has a nice peppery flavor.

Stoneledge Farm LLC

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