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Week 20, Tuesday October 18

Tropicana Lettuce- 1 head Frizee Endive- 1 head Cherriette Radish- 1 bunch Mizuna- 1 bunch Mustard- 1 bunch Sweet Potatoes- 2 White Onions-2 Brussel Sprouts- 1 Winter Squash-1 Carrots- 1 lb. Sweet Salad Peppers-6 Fruit Share 1 bag- Macoun Apples 1 bag- Bosc Pears Apples grown by Klein’s Kill Orchard, Pears grown by Fix Brothers Orchard

Mushroom Share Shiitake grown by Bulich Mushroom Company

Dear CSA Member,

It’s beginning to feel more and more like fall! The leaves are changing quickly as we get closer to the peak of the fall foliage. We have had brisk mornings down into the 30s. (cold enough for some frost pockets) The hearty fall crops use this to their advantage to keep the soil moist with no rain in the forecast. This week you will be getting more salad ingredients! The mustard and Mizuna greens are beautiful and really add a nice color to a fresh salad. You can add the radishes for even more color! Mustard greens can be added to a salad or they can be cooked. If you steam the mustard greens it will take away some of the bitterness that these greens have. When cooked it tastes very similar to collard greens.

This week you will be getting Brussels Sprouts. Below is information on how to prepare the Brussels Sports.

Use a paring knife to separate the sprout from the stalk. Trim the base of each sprout close to the bottom but, not too close that the sprout starts to come apart. 3. Peel away and discard any browning or blemished leaves. 4. You are now ready to cook the Brussels Sprouts.

Don’t forget to stock up on local honey and local maple syrup for the winter. The Stoneledge Farm Online Marketplace offers these items. The online marketplace also offers organic coffee, chocolate and cocoa. These items make great gifts for the holiday season. Fruit and vegetables are available in bulk (Great for freezing, baking or canning) This week we have Collard Greens, Red Russian Kale, Lacinato Kale, Apples and Pears available in bulk. To order these items from the Online Marketplace go to sign in and place your order. Your Marketplace Order will be delivered with your CSA share.

Enjoy the fall and bounty of the harvest. Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Stoneledge Farm LLC

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