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Week 19, Tuesday October 11

Purple Top White Globe Turnips- 1 bunch Romanesco Cauliflower- 3 Carrots- 1 lb. Collards- 1 bunch Red Potatoes- 2lbs. Yellow Onions-2 Arugula- 1 bunch French Breakfast Radishes- 1 bunch Tropicana Lettuce- 1 head Sweet Salad Peppers-6 Mizuna- 1 bunch (could be used as a salad ingredient) Habanero Peppers- (Very HOT! Take if you would like)

Fruit Share 1 bag- Golden Delicious Apples grown by Klein’s Kill Orchard 1 bag- Bartlett Pears grown by Fix Brothers Orchard

Mushroom Share Portobello grown by Bulich Mushroom Company

Dear CSA Member

Another dry week as we continue on into the fall season. We have been working hard to tend to the garden during this extended drought and, with no rain in the forecast it has been challenging. New this week are turnips. The turnip greens are beautiful and make for a great side dish. Turnip greens are very similar to collards and can be prepared the same way. Their slightly bitter flavor is delicious!

Braised Turnip Greens: Shallot and Garlic Turnip Greens:

This week you will also be getting Lettuce! Yes, it in finally back! You can get your salad spinners back out and fill your fridge with some delicious salad ingredients. Large head of Lettuce, Arugula, Mizuna, Radishes and Sweet Salad Peppers!

Don’t Forget! Stoneledge Farm Online Marketplace items are available. There are bulk quantities of vegetables and fruit. Currently on the Marketplace are kale and collards (great for freezing) bulk apples and pears. (great for sauces and butters) We also offer local maple syrup, local honey, Stoneledge Farm coffee and chocolate. If you are interested in these items you can order them through your account and your order will be delivered with your CSA shares.

How do I order from the Online Marketplace? Go to Click on Member Login Click on 2016 Marketplace

Enjoy the harvest. Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Don’t toss those Radish Greens! 5 Recipes for Radish Greens-

Stoneledge Farm LLC

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