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Week 16- Tuesday September 20

Sage(herb)- 1 bunch White Potatoes- 1 basket Carrots- 1 bunch Red Wing Onions- 2 Curly Kale- 1 bunch Collards- 1 bunch Winter Squash- 1 Broccoli- 1 Habanero Peppers- (Take at your risk! VERY HOT)

Fruit Share 1 bag- Mac Apples Grown by Fix Brothers Orchard 1 basket- Concord Grapes Grown by Tousey Vineyard

-We are sending down 1 bag of Habanero peppers. There is no specific amount to take. Please reminder members they are extremely hot and only take at their own risk.

Enjoy The Harvest! Candice For Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

We are finally breaking the brutally hot temperatures! It is beginning to feel like fall. The shares will start to feel heavier as the hearty crops of fall will fill the shares.

We are continuing to harvest as well as prepare the fields for winter. Cover crop seeds have been planted (rye and oats) and are growing beautifully. The seeds have to be planted and then rolled over again to make sure the seeds are covered completely by the soil. Planting the cover crops takes time but has to be done to protect the ground from snow and frost.

New this week is Butternut Winter Squash. Our favorite way to cook it here on the farm is baked with maple syrup! Directions below.

Cut the Butternut Squash is half and clean out the middle. (scoop out the pulp with a spoon) Lay in a 1in. baking dish and add 1/2 tsp. butter to each half butternut squash. Pour 1 tbl. of maple syrup in each half of butternut squash. Cover butternut squash with tin foil and bake for 40 min. Let cool for 10min. and Enjoy!

This week you will also be getting Sage, white potatoes and carrots. These three items pair really well together. You will also be getting Habanero Peppers this week. They are Extremely, Extremely HOT! Please, take at your own risk.

Here is a great recipe for Concord Grape Muffins

Mushroom Share- Portobello grown by Bulich Mushroom Company

Stoneledge Farm LLC

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