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Week 9- Tuesday August 2

Summer Squash- 4 each Green Slicing Cucumbers- 1 each SunGold Cherry Tomatoes- 1 basket Poney Express Plum Tomato- 2 Sunkist Tomato-1 String Beans- 1lb. Green Basil- 1 bunch Orient Express Eggplant- 2 Swiss Chard- 1 bunch Biscayne Peppers- 2 each Green Bell Pepper- 1 each

Fruit Share- Early Mac Apples- 1 bag (They are a early tart apple) Everbearing strawberries- 1 basket Blueberries- 1 basket

Also, Coffee Share delivery week! Stoneledge Farm LLC

Dear CSA Member

No doubt that summer is here. Heat and humidity make it a challenge to work outside. We start early in the morning but still need to work into the heat of the day. The summer plants love the weather, though and it is just what is needed for sweet tasting Peppers, Eggplant and Cucumbers.

This is a Coffee Share delivery week for members with an optional Coffee Share. Fruit Share will be Early Mac Apples, Strawberries & Blueberries. Mushroom Share will be Crimini Mushrooms.

As always, the online Marketplace is open for weekly orders. I will send a reminder e-mail if you place a Marketplace order. This week some of the items on the Marketplace will be basil, blueberries and eggplant. All great items for freezing!

Please make a note on your calendar, September 3 from 11:30 to 3:00 is the annual Fall Farm Festival. The farm provides Pulled Pork with Rolls, Vegetarian Chili, Sweet Corn and Portobello Mushrooms from the grill and fresh Fruit. We ask that members bring a dish to share to round out the luncheon. A great day to visit the farm that grows your CSA share. More to come.

Enjoy the summer and the harvest.

Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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