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Week 10- Tuesday August 9

Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket Basil- 1 bunch Red Wing Onions-2 Silver Slicing Cucumbers- 1 Summer Squash- 2 Red Russian Kale- 1 bunch White Clara Eggplant- 1 Green Bell Pepper-4 Plum Tomatoes- 2 Sunkist Tomatoes- 1

Fruit Share Macintosh Apples-1 bag Peaches -1 bag

Mushroom Share Portobello Dear CSA Member

August is here! Where did July go? It has been very dry and the tomatoes have done well and are slowly ripening. The tomato plants have been tied up in a “basket weave” of twine to keep the tomatoes off the ground. Stakes are pounded into the row every other plant and then twine is wound down the row around one stake and then to the back of the next. Twine is then reversed on the row so that the tomato plant is held between the strands. The tomatoes have better air circulation and the leaves and fruit are off of the ground.

The onion harvest was great this season. Last weeks Summer Shallots were tender and sweet. This week you will receive Red Wing Red Onions. The onions are harvested when their tops start to decline and the outer skin of the bulb is starting to thicken and dry. The onions are pulled, crated and then laid in long rows in the greenhouses on the benches to dry. Air and warmth allow the skins to finish drying and the onions are now ready for distribution for your CSA share.

Reminder** Corn and Mushroom orders need to be placed by 12pm the Friday before your delivery. All orders placed after 12pm will be delivered not that week but the following week after. ***

We hope that you will mark your calendar with the upcoming Fall Farm Festival. The Fall Farm Festival will be held on the farm September 3rd from 11:30-3:00. Please use the 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY 12451 address. There are directions on the farm website Contact Us tab or using your GPS. It is a great day to come to the farm and see how your vegetables are grown, meet your farmers and walk the fields. We have the grill hot and will have pork as well as grilled Sweet Corn and Portobello Mushrooms . Kim and Mickael of Paradis to Go will be manning the roaster and Kim will make a batch of Stoneledge Farm Vegetable Chili. There will be fresh fruit, Stoneledge Farm Coffee and water. We ask that members bring a dish to share so that lunch is a giant pot luck get together. If possible, please bring your own place settings, utensils and cup. No pets, please.

Our neighbors from Heather Ridge Farm and Banana Moon Bakery will be at the Festival with their products for purchase. For special orders from Banana Moon please contact Banana Moon Directly . If you are interested in placing a larger meat order, please contact Heather Ridge at Stock up on meat and poultry by ordering from Heather Ridge Farm and pick up your order at the farm visit. Eat local. Stoneledge Farm Marketplace products: Coffee, Chocolate, Honey and Maple will be available for sale at the Festival.

There are flowers to pick and take home from the flower garden. If you would like to take flowers home, please bring your own scissors and something that will keep the flowers until you get home. Wet paper towels or newspapers in a plastic bag will usually do the trick. There will be an “I Spy” game for kids of all ages as well as scarecrow making!

It is really a great day to visit Stoneledge Farm and everyone who grows your vegetables. Please make a note on your calendar and come to the farm If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the farm. Hope to see you at the farm.

For more information about outdoor activities please check out: Use the West of the Hudson search. Hudson Valley Hiking Guide ( For information about the wineries in the Hudson Valley Region go to:

Enjoy the harvest Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Stoneledge Farm LLC

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