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Week 4- Tuesday June 28

Cabbage-1 head Early Caraflex is a pointed, heirloom variety.

Sugar Snap Peas- 1lb

Summer Savory-1 bunch

Beets- 1 bunch

White Scallions- 1 bunch

Natcha Escarole-1 head

Romaine Lettuce-1 head

Red Tide Lettuce-1 head

Butter-Crunch Lettuce-1 head

Mushroom Share-Shiitake Mushrooms

June has been hot and dry but perfect for Sugar Snap Peas. New this week is Sugar Snap Peas. They are so delicious! Sugar Snap Peas can be eaten raw (our favorite way to eat them) or cooked. To string the pod pinch the stem and pull the string down toward the other end to remove the stem and the string. Eat the whole pod. The entire pea is edible.

Here is a simple and delicious way to cook the sugar snap peas.

Early Caraflex Cabbage is an early, pointed cabbage variety that is also an Heirloom seed variety. The Cabbage is sweet and makes delicious slaw. For Cole Slaw recipes go to the farm website Recipe & Produce ID section.

This week you will also be getting Natcha Escarole. It is a slightly bitter green that is excellent with white beans. The Lettuces are still abundant and glorious. (Don’t put away the salad spinner!) Romaine Lettuce, Red Leaf and Butter- Crunch will be in the share this week.

Summer Savory tastes great with almost anything. It goes well with many vegetables and is great to make a dressing or marinade. You can add Summer Savory to your slaw using the Caraflex Cabbage this week.

Marketplace items are available weekly. Mushroom Share this week is Shiitake Mushrooms.

Enjoy the Harvest.

Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Stoneledge Farm LLC

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