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Week 1- Tuesday June 7

Red Radish Cherriette- 1 Bunch (Don’t forget to use the greens! Chop them finely and add to a salad.)

Red Scarlet Turnips- 1 Bunch (Don’t mistake these for beets! These turnips are a red skinned rustic turnip. When you cut them open this inside is white)

Tropicana Green Leaf Lettuce- 1 head

Pomegranate Red Romaine, mini head lettuce-1 head

Arugula-1 bunch

Boc Choi- 1

Chinese Cabbage-1

Rhubarb.-1 bunch (A tart spring time perennial. Great recipes on the farm website)

Lacinato Kale- 1


Mushroom Shares- Crimini

Coffee Shares will be delivered

The first week of delivery is always full of activity. Picking, packing, counting and re-counting to make sure all of the shares are delivered correctly. It has been a brutally hot and dry spring time although as we start the pick the rain has finally come to the farm. Extremes seem to be the new normal. The temperatures fluctuated from 22 degrees to 85 degrees within a week staying in the 80’s and there was really no rain all the month of May and beyond.

Greens will fill the bulk of the share. Boc Choi, Arugula, Chinese Cabbage and Kale can be chopped thinly added to a salad or quickly cooked in a wok. The greens will have some small round holes in the leaves. The heat and dry conditions were perfect for an insect pest called the Flea Beetle to thrive. We have worked very diligently to keep the numbers of beetles under control using all of the Organic methods available, but the beetles always outnumber us and there will be some damage to the leaves. It is cosmetic damage only and will not in any way affect the flavor of the greens. The freshness of the greens cannot be matched and you will notice the intensity of the flavor.

The Stoneledge Farm website has some great recipes for kale chips and salads. Go to CSA Program/Recipes & Produce ID. Also, under Recipes and Produce ID there are pictures of all the different types of vegetables to help with identification of the vegetables in your CSA share.

Optional Shares: Mushrooms this week are Crimini

Coffee Share will be delivered. Please remember to pick up your Optional Share if you have ordered a Mushroom Share or a Coffee Share.

Enjoy the vegetables.

-Candice for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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