August 28, 2017

3- Sunkist Tomatoes


2- Sweet Bell Peppers

1-White Bell Eggplant

1 bunch-Swiss Chard

1 bunch- Edamame Beans

1 bunch-  Cylindra Beets (Use the Greens!)

2- Red Onions

1 bunch- Cilantro 

3- Red Slicing Tomatoes

1 head- Broccoli

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share

Jumbo Shiitake

Fruit Share:

1 bag- White Donut Peaches

1 bag- Green Clapp Pears

Dear CSA Member, 

New this week… Edamame Beans!  When preparing the edamame for eating...

August 12, 2017


1 basket- Cherry Tomatoes 

1 bunch- Celery

1 bunch- Parsley

Sweet Peppers

1 buch- Leeks

2 lbs. Potaotes

1 bunch- Rainbow Carrots

1 head- Broccoli

Will send update

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share


Fruit Share:

1 Bag- Donut Peaches

1 Bag- Yellow Peaches

Dear CSA Member, 

This week you will be getting a beautiful share full of color.  Summer mixed in with some early fall crops.  In this week share you will be getting bright tomatoes and peppers along wi...

August 8, 2017

1 bunch- Red Onion

1 bunch- Rosmary

1- Black Bell Eggplant

2- Fennel


Cherry Tomaotes


1 bunch- Starbor Kale

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share


Fruit Share:

1- Bag Yellow Peaches

1- Bag Donut Peaches

Dear CSA Member, 

The weather has been cooperating for us these past few days and the tomatoes have been ripening nicely.  It is so important for the tomatoes to have hot and dry days.  Also, this week you will be getting another round of Fennel....

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March 26, 2020

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