July 31, 2017

1 bunch- Celery


Sweet Pepper



1 bunch- White Onions

1 bunch- Amethyst Basil


Will send update

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share


Fruit Share:

1- Bag Shiro Plums

1- Bag Peaches

1- Bag Nectarines 

Dear CSA Member, 

The rain has finally left for a few days.  We are hoping for a good 4 day stretch of sunshine.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen and the plants are looking great despite all the rain we have had.  The sunshine...

July 24, 2017

2- Summer Squash

1- White Clara Eggplant

1 basket- Cherry Tomatoes

1 bunch-Basil

1 bunch- Spinach

1 head- Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

1 bunch- Beets

1 bunch- Scallions

2- Green Slicing Cucumbers

1- Bunch of Dill

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share: Grown by Bulich Mushroom

Farm Fruit Share: Grown by Klein’s Kill Fruit Farm 1 basket -Yellow Shiro Plums 1 bag- White Nectarines 1 bag- Yellow Peaches 

We finally got a break from the rainy weather and the summer plants are lov...

July 16, 2017

2- Summer Squash


1 head- Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage (Heirloom)  Specialty Arrow Shared Cabbage

1- Head Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

1- Head Green Oak Leaf Lettuce

1- Bunch White Scallions

1- Bunch Thyme


Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share


Fruit Share:

1- Basket Red Sweet Cherries


Dear CSA Member, 

It has been very rainy these past few days.  With all that rain comes allot of Mud!  We all have been working hard to get the veget...

July 10, 2017

Green & Silver Slicing Mixed Cucumber- 2

1 bunch-Mint

1- Orient Express Eggplant

1 bunch-Red Scallions


1 bunch- Swiss Chard

1 head- Escarole 

1 head- Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage (Heirloom)  Specialty Arrow Shared Cabbage

2- Summer Squash

4- Boothby Cucumbers

Optional Shares this week

Mushroom Share

White Button

Fruit Share:

1 basket- Red Sweet Cherries

1 basket- Blueberries

Dear CSA Member, 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July!  It turned out to be a...

July 3, 2017

-1 Bunch- Red Ace Beets

Purple Top White Globe Turnips

-1 Head- Red Butter Head Lettuce

-1 Head- Red Oak Lettuce

-7- Garlic Scapes

-1 Bunch- White Scallions

-1 Head- Frissee

-1 Head- Napa Cabbage

-1 Bunch- Summer Savory (herb)

-Mixed Summer Squash

Will Send Update

-1 Basket- White Sweet Cherries

-1 Basket- Red Sweet Cherries

-1 Basket- Strawberries

Coffee Share Delivery

Dry Bean Share Delivery

Note: *The “White” Cherries are not white.  They are a very light red color and...

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